Pushing extreme sports to a new level.

Jose Castillo, Founder, New Skool Sports Miami

Jose Castillo, Founder, New Skool Sports

New Skool Sports is about innovating products that benefit established sports. We are currently developing new training methods for extreme sports. We aim to bring the fun in training. Our motto is “IF WE ARE NOT HAVING FUN, THEN WE ARE NOT WORKING”. We strongly encourage a view of fitness as fun.

Because we are serious about fun, New Skool Sports sponsors a local skateboarding team (New Skool Sports SKATEBOARDING TEAM). We believe kids who are involved in sports gain problem-solving skills to use in the real world…something you just don’t learn sitting at home.

We are developing new products, soon-to-be-announced on this site. Once we have something that you like, contact us for an order.

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