Skater Anthony Azcuy ollies over ramp, 2011

Skater Anthony Azcuy ollies over ramp, 2011

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Anthony Azcuy focuses on perfecting his tricks, and he likes to fly. Catch him at various skateparks in Miami with his team. He never skates alone.

Anthony’s best tricks are the Impossible, Switch BS Flip, Tre Flip (a.k.a. 360 Flip), and Switch Tre Flip.

Anthony Azcuy, skater mini picture

Why I’m Hot

  • I skated in a video for an international pop music star. See info.
  • I skated next to Tony Hawk. See info.
  • I won 2nd Place in a S.K.A.T.E. Competition against guys a lot bigger than me. See info.
Anthony Azcuy ollie on ramp, skater for New Skool Skate Team

Anthony ollies high

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