Introducing The Knuckle Racquet

by chema

The Knuckle Racquet is a new type of racquet that allows you to punch the ball, giving you the feel as if you are boxing with the ball. This develops your arms, shoulders, chest, back, core and leg muscles, creating an intense workout. It is also an excellent boxing training. This game has the same rules as racquet ball, but it is much more exciting than your average game of racquet ball. And you can use it at any indoor or outdoor racquet ball court. Knuckle Racquet is a new sport in the making.

Accessories can be added to this product. For example, a different size ball to develop different skills. A bigger ball for strength training, and a smaller ball for speed training.

The Knuckle Racquet is patented and invented by Jose Castillo.


Knuckle Racquet Invented by Jose Castillo

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