NewSkoolSports Skateboarding team ( Anthony, Juan, Jose ) just finished shooting our first professional international music video featuring Famous Nickelodean star Cristian Campocasso. We will have the complete video, that will air on Nickelodeon, COMING SOON!!

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The boys were filmed today in a music video shoot for an international kid music star, Cristian Campocasso. New Skool Skate Team was asked to skate around and perform various tricks for the video. Here are some pictures of Anthony Azcuy, Jose Castillo, and Juan Mercado on set at Amelia Earhart Park. (The video will … Read More →

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New Skool Skate Team had the chance to catch Tony Hawk and the Birdhouse Team today. Birdhouse kicked off their “MIA TO NYC 2011” tour in our own Westwind Lakes Skatepark in West Miami. The boys were hypnotized as they watched the skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk, perform tricks up close. Anthony, Jose, Sam, Juan, and … Read More →

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